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If you receive a gift, 25 years old (if the apartment) and if it meets the conditions, if both parents aged 65 to use as many times, this system can be used to purchase non-residential property register more than 50m2 in area, FSBO if you are age 65 or older, the age of the parents under the age of 65 in 3500 to a special case of tax-free at (March 22 March 15 The condition may be delivered from.) 5,000 million yen in the calculation of the duty-free. A tax-free up to 2500s inheritance tax when paid will be used. For a parent, So, if the framework of the 2500s, a way to postpone the repayment schedule can be purchased from OK. And settle the debt before buying a house, if funds for the purchase of housing, for retirement, including retirement benefits in 2000 but the 3000 is said to need 10,000 yen.

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