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If you receive a gift, if funds for home purchase, this is to calculate the duty-free up to 5,000 million yen. And can be used many times with his parents over the age of 65 if the age of the parents over the age of 65 you can pay the debt before buying a house, or even to postpone the repayment schedule from the Purchasing OK. The system could also be used to purchase non-residential, adjustment date if the framework of the yen, the tax-free up to 2500s inheritance tax when paid will be used. 25 years old (if the apartment) and if it meets criteria, one for the parents, So, the area of the property register of more than 50m2, the age of the parents under the age of 65 in 3500 to a tax-free at a special case (March 22 March 15 The condition may be delivered from.)

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