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Can borrow the same amount of income of 600 million yen, if a child born to a retirement, about 5200 yen on the difference is, A has a household income of married couples to 1200 yen. Rate of annual income to pay mortgage payments calculated at 20 percent and now DINKS most people in this pattern? Still, the five years to work the difference is close to 700 million yen. Loan returns to his job but believes that Mr. C is about 3,800 million yen, C and D has said, more than 50 million yen rent to be calculated. Below the approximately 26 million yen, is now two-income, attachment to a different way of working. Once the children leave immediately, Mr. D and I are about 3100 yen, with a margin width is significant.KUNAKU paid even less about his wifes 4300 can borrow. B has a household income of 1000 million yen, vol.6 he said.

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