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Update from the contract when the procedure is what I need to see or do. Of a new rent or fee paid to the landlord as a one-month update, let us look at the contract properly. Notice to vacate and leave it under the contract, even if you pay the renewal fee and renewal. So, since the amounts are listed in the contract in advance, any payment, and if you do not have the information or leave it. If a real estate company and pay the fee for creating half a new contract. Vacate the room, the contract is updated about three months before the contract is removed, the end of the contract periodDZUITARA, debenture in the setup of the return. If you want to continue living in the same room to renew the contract. The contract set a new rent, depending on arrangements at the time of contract renewal. Gesture in the real estate company before the end of the contract, let me check.

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