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If broken into soon after moving in a document known as the living conditions created after the division, encroachment was not the time to use one hand, or before moving if possible, the problem for a while after he moved from incomplete If you found out. When residents want to check it to avoid such situations. After moving all or a facility within the next week, and take a photo with the date, form, unawares to failure, if it is written on the paper floor plan, recently given to prepare a paper , make sure that you get a save for the real estate company. If you noticed in a little while and after the move is difficult to understand if there is no one responsible for the failure. Lack of equipment, of course, but you have to report every detail of the real estate company in the room and dirt and scratches. Check the room, a real estate company will make sure that you save. It will not be judged responsible for the tenant, for example, the Ministry of Land and March to rectify this in 1910 three of its failure and guidelines regarding the restitution of the guidelines.

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