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The word twin-track However, the increased buying of real estate, budget twice. Turn to earn money and rent a home in the original lease, loan, for example, if two people go in return can use the double mortgage tax relief. 15 years be repaid. Working life of his wife. You can also buy a light foot.First purchased the property in a compact, then, for example, a loan of 3,800 million yen for 10-year fixed-rate two percentage points if you borrowed back the lead out, can buy the first two cases. If you have enough down payment, buy a house and new born children, many cases, the asset management. For these people, most of toku to shorten the repayment period. Judgment loan to pay off a year later, in 2700 to 10 million yen loan repayment realized. Form a maximum of 35 years from 800 toku over a year. These days it is not uncommon for the wife earned more than her husband. If the income of married couple households in the 1200s, wifeME loans, total paymentsSETARA 10 years is about 3,000 million yen .

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