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The countries on the movement of the gift, that is, financial assistance from parents to children, except the rich, compared to the way a generation of children not only in peoples life and times of recession, the parent generation have to move assets to support the child generation. Story extreme than is the financial payoff in bankruptcy! ) Effective use of money than a home purchase assistance to children of families need the money, you sleep in a closet and savings bank deposits of very low interest rates (yes, five years ago, the home purchase tax-free quota of 550 million yen While it was, as a gift and inheritance early, patio home it has become. Many of the parents thought the child generation of the baby boomers have purchased apartments in the heart. The maximum 3500 if it meets certain conditions is 10,000 yen.s income up to achieve high economic growth right up (enviable!) Its a generation. Now, now, the reason is for retirement, retirement benefits, including the 20 million yen 3000 - It is said that you said.

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