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The gift for the movement of the country has achieved the right rising up the income of high economic growth (enviable!) Its a generation. Generation than the children not only in the way the people in my life time of recession, if it meets certain conditions limit is 3,500 yen. Financial assistance from parents to children, that is, many parents consider the child generation of the baby boomers buy an apartment in the heart. real property from you sleep on savings bank deposits and the Wardrobe (Of course, its becoming a duty-free. have to move assets to support the child from the parental generation. now, extreme, and the reason is ahead and in inheritance as a gift, except the rich, than that is the financial payoff in bankruptcy.) effective use of money than a home purchase assistance to children of families need the money, and now, five years Before buying a home is the tax-free quota of 550 million yen, while, the problem is often a problem of sound.

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