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Can borrow the same amount of income of 600 million yen, A has a household income of married couples to 1200 yen. B has a household income of 1000 million yen, 5,000 yen in the calculation can borrow more than 10,000. It is now two-income, even if the annual income of lessKUNAKU can borrow my wifes 4300. From a decidedly different way of working for his wife. Mr. C and Mr. D, trust deed for about 2,600 yen, with a margin width is significant. Burden of loan payments to income ratio calculated using a 20 per cent on 5200, about 10,000 yen, the difference is, If the children leave immediately, Mr. D and I are about 10,000 yen in 3100, but his luck Loan return believes C has about 3,800 million yen, and if a child born as a retirement present DINKS most people in this pattern? Still, the five years to work the difference is close to 700 million yen.

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